Mozinar @ Udaipur

To spread the Mozilla mission our team now reached city of Lakes, Udaipur. Techno India NJR (Udaipur) was kind enough to provide us with all resources for our workshop.

This was a much awaited event as the planning for this event had started before a month. Dipesh Monga and his team (quite a dedicated one) had put a lot of efforts to make this a successful one. Continue reading


MiniCamp @ Jaipur

Now this was the biggest and one of its kind event organized by MCR, and obviously the expectations were quite high. And after the event concluded we know the bar has been raised.

trishul1 trishul2

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bubble shooter by tsl

Mentoring Newbies for app/web Development

Another blog update for meetup, phew… (even learning angularJS seems easier than this – Kidding…)

We (Mozilla @ Jaipur) now have some new talents (Pratish, Ayush, Netra, Ekta) who are excited and are capable to develop. Their love towards web/app development needs to be nurtured and guided. This meetup was solely to serve this purpose. Btw thanks to OSHO for arranging such an awesome place for the meetup Techonbyte (@ RAM do not worry we do not require funds it was just a favor 😛 )

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