Mozinar @ Udaipur

To spread the Mozilla mission our team now reached city of Lakes, Udaipur. Techno India NJR (Udaipur) was kind enough to provide us with all resources for our workshop.

This was a much awaited event as the planning for this event had started before a month. Dipesh Monga and his team (quite a dedicated one) had put a lot of efforts to make this a successful one. Continue reading

bubble shooter by tsl

My First App Game – Bubble Shooter

My wait is over and finally I have created an App Game -> Bubble Shooter.

The app has been created for Firefox marketplace and also for Firefox on Android.

This code of this app has been kept as simple as possible, using the core of web that is only HTML5, CSS3 and the show-stealer JS. The Canvas element is the playground for this app. Continue reading