My First App Game – Bubble Shooter

My wait is over and finally I have created an App Game -> Bubble Shooter.

The app has been created for Firefox marketplace and also for Firefox on Android.

This code of this app has been kept as simple as possible, using the core of web that is only HTML5, CSS3 and the show-stealer JS. The Canvas element is the playground for this app.

The canvas is the body of the app and various bubbles are being drawn on the canvas created using certain logic and Draw Arc property of the canvas. The randomness is generated using Math.Rand function.

I have tried to use the Object oriented approach to build the mainframe of the app, and kept distance from any of the JS libraries. The app is emulated for touch as well as mouse clicks.

So if you liked to walk through the code you can visit it on

And if you want to enjoy the game on your browser visit (but remember to view in responsive mode @screen 320*480 only).

Any suggestion/feedback is heartily welcomed.

Bubble shooter by trishul Bubble shooter by trishul Bubble shooter by trishul


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